About Us

We are decorboho, running my small business and making exquisite embroidery kits. Learning embroidery is not difficult, nor does it require a lot of time or money. I try to show my inner world on my works of art, and I will try my best to have my own unique style. I hope you like it.

Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, I was fired and had to think outside the box. After many times of detention without employment, I spend most of my time at home doing my favorite thing - embroidery. In the fight against anxiety and depression, this is my treatment for severe depression. I learned sewing when I was a child, and then I began to learn embroidery. Since then, this has been my passion and hobby. After careful planning and preparation, I decided to start my lovely embroidery business.

Hand embroidery is an art that allows you to create patterns on fabrics by hand with needles and thread. This is a simple and interesting skill that anyone can learn. Most importantly, it is a cheap hobby that allows for unique, creative and personalized design.

I hope these Embroidery kits will help encourage others to find their creative exports, and I hope to inspire others to use their hands and imagination to create art that brings them joy.

Happy sewing!